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Templeton APUS is an international Digital Media company that provides corporates and professionals with specialist news and intelligence. Having initially focussed on Eastern Europe, and with historical revenues of over £1,200,000, our team has transformed our intelligence platform into a global service. It now provides critical news and intelligence across 47 sectors and industries worldwide. These include Renewable Energy, Healthcare, Mining, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Technology and Banking. Our cutting-edge technology also tracks numerous hot topics as diverse as Solar Power, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Tech Metals, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Brexit. In 2017, we decided to move into Med-Tech after establishing that there was not enough information available for cancer patients. We discovered that when patients are diagnosed with cancer, it can be difficult for them to effectively research the disease. We also found that it could be challenging for them to keep up to speed with the most recent results of clinical trials, and the availability of treatments and cures. We realised that the technology we had developed for the Templeton APUS intelligence platform could be adapted to track all cancer news and treatment breakthroughs worldwide. And so, we decided to start building our Cancer STAT platform to provide a ground breaking global cancer news and intelligence service for patients and their families. The opportunity for growth is huge, and our plan is to provide similar Med-Tech services covering other major diseases, such as Heart Disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s by 2020. We look forward to welcoming you to be part of our exciting future.