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The processes by which first generation biofuels are produced are well understood and widely deployed. The story is altogether different for advanced biofuels, and the race to develop an economically viable pathway is global. The first of two panels dedicated to conversion approaches looks at the efficacy of different thermochemical pathways in the context of low energy prices. Moderator: Ron Kotrba, Editor, Biodiesel Magazine Ada Nielsen, Advisor to Renuvix, The PeregrineMaven Group A Sweet BIO-Technology Platform for Solving Some Industrial Challenges Jack Ferrell, Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Standardization of Chemical Characterization Techniques for Pyrolysis Bio-oil Ralph-Uwe Dietrich, Research Area Manager Alternative Fuels, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany Renewable Liquid Jet Fuels: Finding the Economic Pathway Abolhasan Hashemisohi, Ph.D. Candidate, North Carolina A&T State University Process Modelling of the Production of Fischer-Tropsch Biofuels via Biomass Gasification with Biomass/Natural Gas Hybrid Feedstock