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The U.S. economic outlook for 2016 is encouraging. Overall, we’re looking at: • A healthy Gross Domestic Product in the 2-3% range, • A low unemployment rate at between 4-6%, • Inflation will remain under control, and • Interest rates can be expected to slowly grow through 2016. Let’s take a look at 4 specific key industries • Energy: Like the previous two years, 2016’s US economy will get a big shot-in-the-arm from U.S. shale oil production, which has reduced oil prices 25% in the last few years. In turn, lower oil prices means lower cost of: transportation, food, and raw materials; thus raising profit margins and giving consumers more disposable income. • Manufacturing: US manufacturing is expected to increase faster than the general economy and grow by approximately 2.6%. • Housing: As housing recovers, construction will add an additional 1.8 million jobs. • Healthcare: Even with the Affordable Health Care Act under attack at every turn, it is no surprise that 2016 will be a banner year for healthcare. As our population ages, healthcare will continue to become more important to our economy for another 20-30 years. More forecasts include: • The Stock Market is predicted to set new highs, • The Housing Market Will Strengthen • The Fed Will Gradually Raise the Fed Funds Rate • Gas Prices Will Creep Up only a Bit in the Spring AND • The strong dollar may begin to reverse its course Even though 2016 looks pretty upbeat, there’s still quite a bit of uncertainty. If you want your company to weather the economic uncertainties of the year and ensure that you have secure funding in place, learn more about Universal Funding’s invoice factoring services by giving us a call at 800-405-6035 or request a rate quote online at UniversalFunding.com. http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-companies http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-company http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring-companies factoring, invoice factoring, factoring companies, factoring company, invoice factoring companies,