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The power systems within the region are heavily dependent on imported oil and oil products. With the exception of Trinidad and Tobago, which uses domestic natural gas for power generation, most of the systems rely on heavy fuel oil (HFO) or diesel and indigenous renewable sources of energy (hydro, wind, solar and biomass) currently account for under 10% of the installed capacity. Additionally, the majority of countries have high levels of electricity coverage with weak operational efficiency and maintenance. They also experience high energy supply costs because of limited load concentration, relatively high cost of low volume thermal plants and high fuel transport costs. The countries mostly have vertically integrated electricity utilities, which traditionally handle electricity needs on an individual basis. Given the history of monopoly control over power generation, transmission, and distribution within the Caribbean, electricity utilities have been playing (and continue to play) a key role in helping to achieve the sustainable energy goals of the region. Historically, electricity utilities were public entities, with responsibility for balancing investments in power – generation and grid – infrastructure, as well as their operating costs with customer charges. The current paradigm is one, however, where many electricity utilities have been wholly or partly privatized. As a consequence, many countries have established independent regulatory authorities to determine the electricity rates. The general principle is that the rates should provide fair returns on capital investments and operating expenses while simultaneously ensuring that reliable and affordable electricity services that is predictable in pricing, quality and supply are provided to citizens. Electricity prices generally reflect the costs to build, finance, maintain, and operate power plants and the electricity grid. There are several key factors that influence the unit (kilowatt hour) price of electricity: • Fuel type (and cost) • Power