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Technology evolves in big waves that we call revolutions. The first revolution was the Industrial revolution that started in Britain in 1771. Since than we have see more revolutions come and how we are in the fifth. These revolutions follow a similar path. First there is an installation period where the new technologies are installed and deployed, creating wealth to those who were are the right place at the right time. This is followed by a frenzy, where financial markets wants to be apart. The there is crash and turning point, followed by synergy, a golden age. In 1908, a new technological revolution started. It was the Age of Oil and Automobile. The technology trigger was Henry Ford´s new assembly line technique that allowed the manufacturing of standardized, low cost automobile. This created the car industry and other manufacturing companies. This also created demand for gas thus creating the oil industry. During the Roaring Twenties the stock prices rose to new levels, until a crash and the Great Depression. Only after World War II, came a turnaround point followed by a golden age in the post-war boom. In this lecture we look at a framework for understanding technological revolutions. There revolutions completely change societies and replace the old with new technologies. We will explore how these revolutions take place. We should now be in the golden age phase. We also look at generations.