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Global warming keeps getting ignored, and glaciers keep melting. 2017 was all kinds of new lows as far as our environment goes. Join us and sing along because #FuckThisYear right? - Credits - Production : Animal Creative Direction : Kunel Gaur & Sharon Borgoyary Lyrics : Rohan Mukherjee Art Direction/Illustration : Jayesh Joshi, Pranay Patwardhan & Girik Animation : Pranay Patwardhan Music Production : Sez Vocals : Shashwat Mishra - Lyrics - Wait. Is the planet less jealous? Is it turning less green? Endangered species rising 1000 into 16 I heard a story, of a planet that was blue You can tell your kids, that glaciers were true Floods affect children, and you have no clue By hunting more lions, you’re conserving them too! Mosquito’s protein, dengue in check Icebergs – warm seas – water till your neck Greenland melting - Green can be seen Global warming talks – all lost in between Food production better now. Wait, better crops. Landscape to change in 150 years tops! Great Barrier Brief – breathing last breath Promoting tourism. Before its death. Nations in hundred fight greenhouse gas. Italy pledged millions, for the seas it has The year of rooster, or a year of cock Sleep through warnings, till we get a shock Everything we thought were dead Oil spills in a water bed Red List news will hurt your head Talks in Ted and food with lead Stuff you ought to know about Leaders silent, who will shout? Rhino dead. Endangered trout. Fuck this year. Now I’m out. - Follow us - facebook.com/weareanimalco instagram.com/weareanimalco twitter.com/weareanimalco