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Botanika Resorts in Costa Rica Building Next to Busy Airport and Above Ground Cemetary. Save the dolphins! Affected the most by Hilton Hotels proposed Botánika Nature Residences and adjacent 250 slip mega marina project are resident and pelagic endangered and endemic species of marine life including the Bottlenose Dolphin,(Tursiops truncatus) and Pan-Tropical Spotted dolphins, Humpback Whales, Whale Sharks, Hawksbill and Green Turtles which frequent mangrove habitat they are filling in with rock and gravel from local rivers. These marine species will be adversely affected by gas and oil from boats and cruise ships as well as pesticides used on Hilton’s newly planted landscaping. http://osaconservation.org/2012/10/arrested-development-osa-residents-debate-marina-project-in-community-forums/#more-4530 Crocodile Bay Eco Resort in Association with Hilton Hotels Worldwide Curio Collection of residences has plans to fill in a precious river mouth and mangrove estuary degrading marine life and mangrove habitat that's essential for the reproduction of many marine species from shrimp to large fish. The local fishing industry has already suffered greatly due to overfishing by large trawlers at the mouth of the Golfo Dulce and adjacent waters. Hilton Botanika Condominiums and marina will have a significant destructive impact on the surrounding delicate ecosystems and biodiversity of the marine estuary it sits on eliminating more fishery habitat and further exacerbating the local subsistence economy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHGK9aqlbNM&list=PL0_MqQhmmLYZBcqGgwVjRW7kevXW1jyA3&index=16 With anxious plans to be the first or last stop for luxury yachts coming to and from The Panama Canal. Crocodile Bay Eco Resort has chosen Sinergo Development Group , called ‘ The peninsula developer extraordinaire’, and the largest developers in the real estate and tourism in Central America. Unique along the Central American Pacific coast, mangrove estuaries have never suffered from any major tourism developments. Hiltons Botanika Nature Residences and The Costa Rica Marina is too large for the local environment and threatens already endangered marine life. http://news.co.cr/shy-investors-stall-marina-projects-in-costa-rica/27882/ Due to the close proximity to the busiest domestic airport, low investor interest, the poor economy, combined with a heavy resistance from environmentalists has forced Crocodile Bay's Botanika Eco Resorts to delay breaking ground in 2014, 2015 with more delays announced in 2017. http://www.responsibletravel.org/resources/documents/coastal-tourism-documents/summary%20report/summary_report_-_impact_tourism_related_development_pacific_coast_costa_rica.pdf Along with several endangered marine species, the Hilton’s name and reputation as LEED leader in hospitality is at risk. This large-scale Hilton Hotel Botanika Resort and adjacent mega marina can only be stopped by an urgent appeal for help. Hilton Curio Botanika in Costa Rica is being built atop a mangrove estuary putting all aquatic marine life in imminent danger in this, already delicate, mangrove coastal environment. Your voice is critical to the survival of these endangered species. Send your voice, blog, publish your letter, e-mail, tweet, FB and phone calls to Hilton Executives listed below. A few extra voices, can 'save a dolphin'. With your individual voice, there is a chance to stop this environmental disaster before it happens. Help stop marine species from diminishing in Southern Costa Rica. Make a difference TODAY by contacting - Mark Nogal / President of Curio Worldwide linked in / mark-nogal / 321826123 https://www.facebook.com/hiltonnewsroom https://twitter.com/hiltonnewsroom http://hiltonworldwide.com/contact-us/ http://news.curiocollection.com/index.cfm/page/11152